Beautiful tiger

Beautiful tiger

  • Sat 19 Sep 2020 - 8:03 AM
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The tiger belongs to the family of the nymphs and ranks fourth in size among the four largest tiger species. The perry, lion, and igor are larger in size .The tiger is in danger of extinction according to the World Conservation Union .

The tiger animal is endemic In most sub-Saharan Africa, in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China in South and East Asia.

The Tigers have settled in all countries that extend their borders from the Korean peninsula to South Africa. They include Central Asia, Eastern and Southern Asia, the Middle East.

The reason for the decline in the number of tigers in the world is the large number of fishing, lack of housing, and the spread of urbanization and cities which have significantly affected their presence.

External description

The tiger has a long body and a large skull, and four short lists to some extent, and it can be said that the tiger is similar to the jaguar in terms of form, but there is a slight difference in the appearance ,the tiger is smaller and less full, Approximately 85 centimeters, and about 91 kilograms in weight.

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